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New beginnings

Our new shop in Criccieth. North Wales is now open and a great success. We opened the doors in April 2023 and after a very exhausting and busy summer season where we struggled to keep up with demand we are now fully stocked and ready for another great year ahead.

Opening the shop for the first time was a steep learning curve and we had to work long hours to keep stock levels up due to the shear demand from visitors.
Although we remained open over the winter period we did limit our opening days to once or twice a week just to catch up with time spent in the workshop making new stock and develop new designs.
The Criccieth community including local residents and fellow shop owners were so supportive to our new arrival in the town and were a great help providing advice, encouragement and letting everyone know where we were. We are so grateful to them all.

It has been great fun working on new designs for the shop learning from customers what they would like to see and what designs are most popular.
We look forward to meeting everyone again this year.

If you have not yet been up to see us then please do. You will have a very warm welcome.